Friday, 28 June 2013


by Robin & Rosie

Strictly speaking our annual trip to St. Martin's is 'holiday' rather than 'work'.  That said, we always take sketch books and usually end up a few months later with a proportion of our finished collection that represents our time in Scilly.  This year was very much like other years: we had a mix of sun and rain, we read a lot, sailed a lot and sketched here there and everywhere.  In the past we've ended up with linocuts of Hell Bay, Steve's fishing boat, Old Quay on St. Martin's and a range of rowing gig pictures (which particularly fascinate me because in the past I rowed in the gig Dolphin and still manage to thrash about in river VIIIs in the Isis).  This year differed from previous years in that someone has clearly got to hear that we make art as a living.  Word came to us to visit the North Farm Gallery on St. Martin's, and as a result we've been asked that any relevant parts of our forthcoming collection be exhibited there next year.  Neither of us needs any excuse at all to visit Scilly more often, so we jumped at the chance of being more involved in an island that I've been visiting since the early 1970s.  Watch this space!