Wednesday, 29 May 2013



by Robin & Rosie

The Wytham Studio was not by any means a finished product when we opened it this year for the first time for Artweeks.  We still lacked insulation, wind-proofing, water-proofing, a door, lighting, any printing equipment, name it, we lacked it.  Despite the possibilities for disaster, we hung the pictures, lit the log-burning stove and relied heavily on the barrel of local cider, a constant supply of victoria sponge and the cold weather to drive the art viewing public into our arms.  As the map above shows, we are not located close to the Wytham Woods car park, which is itself located along a track conveniently labelled "Private Property". Nonetheless, plenty of people found us and day after day we were rather overfilled with people.  And it was quite wonderful to see you all.  Next year, when the surroundings are no longer churned up by the heavy machinery we had to import to do the construction work, we hope the clearing where we are located will be filled with bluebells at this time.  The map above shows exactly where we are.  You can come to see us at any time - whenever we are working the gate to the studio will be open, so do feel free to come in to see us. Ordinarily you need a permit to wander at liberty in the woods.  If you follow the marked tracks however, you are welcome to visit us in any case.  I do advise that you telephone or email beforehand if you are planning a special visit. Rosie and I are often working elsewhere in the woods or outside of Oxford, so do make sure that we are likely to be there when you arrive.

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